Leslie + Daniel: 07.07.12 (Video!)

I should have pictures from Leslie and Daniel’s gorgeous (and incredibly hot – it was 104 degrees outside!) July wedding very soon but I couldn’t wait to show this video – Daniel and Leslie’s reaction to seeing each other for the first time is easily one of my very favorite moments from any wedding film EVER!  Believe me that when you see it (it’s about 56 seconds in) you’ll know exactly who this couple is – so genuine, so madly in love with each other and life in general. They’re just plain awesome.  Oh, watch for when Leslie joins Daniel at the altar too – pure joy at finally being at that moment!

Daniel and Leslie Peltier from Originate Lab on Vimeo.

Thanks to William from Originate Film Lab for sharing!  Will be back soon with pictures from Keels Photography too!


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