Last Minute Tips: U to Z

U is for Under Pinnings

Photo by Davis Photography
You should already know what you are wearing under the gown as you need that for the final fittings. Make sure to put everything aside and together in the bag you have with you on the wedding day – that means that bra, bustier or “chicken cutlets”, the stockings and the undies themselves. This is especially important if you are getting dressed someplace other than home. That last thing you want to worry about is finding someone to go get your bra from the hotel room!

V is for Veil

Make sure your veil is hanging up so the wrinkles will fall out – in a pinch, take a nice relaxing shower or steam bath with the veil in the bathroom, any wrinkles should steam right out. Oh, and keep cats away from the veil – for some reason they love that material and will either sleep on it or shred it to bits!

W is for Weather

Photo by Angela Anderson
Take off your bookmark list. Stop obsessively watching the Today Show, the 6 o’clock and the 11 o’clock news for the forecast – the weather is something you can’t control and that is why you have a Plan B – so stop stressing out about it. (To explain the picture – if you look very closely at the windows you can see the torrential downpour that moved Jennifer and Craig’s wedding indoors – can’t control the weather, you just have to roll with it!)

X is for eXercise

Photo by Genevieve Nisly
Keep your workouts light the week of your wedding – you don’t want to hurt yourself while lifting weights. Exercising is a great stress reliever but it can be hard to walk down the aisle with a sprained ankle and even harder to dance all night with a pulled muscle!

Y is for Yes!

Even if your mind goes blank and you can’t form words, it is a safe bet that the answer to the questions being asked is either Yes or I Do or I Will. If all else fails, just nod, smile and keep looking in your fiance’s eyes.

Z is for Zzzzz

Photo by Davis Photography
Get as much sleep as you can the week before the wedding! This especially goes for the night before the wedding! As much as you might want to stay out and visit with all your friends and family at the rehearsal dinner, remember you will have plenty of time to do that the next day at your wedding. Set a curfew for yourself and assign someone to make sure you get to bed – that way you won’t be worried about bags under your eyes the next day or a nasty hangover either and you can have as much energy as Megan did on her wedding day!

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