Last Minute Tips: P to T

P is for Phone

Photo by Kollmer Photo
TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE and assign someone to take all those last minute phone calls. The last thing you should be doing while trying to relax is give directions to your cousin from Pittsburgh to the wedding ceremony. Appoint someone else to take those phone calls, change your outgoing message to include their name and number and put down the cell phone. Now back away very slowly and find a glass of champagne!

Q is for Questions

Photo by Mike Steinberg
In the weeks before the wedding, keep a small notebook with you at all times to jot down any questions that you think of for your vendors. That way everything is in one spot for the final walk throughs and wedding day details. Another option is to use my favorite service – sign up and enter your email address, when you have something you want to remember, just call the number and it will transcribe your voice mail into email and send it to you (or anyone else you have set up). Great for when you are driving and remember you need to call uncle Charlie and ask him to do the blessing!

R is for Rings

Photo by Wally Spice
Have your engagement ring polished – either professionally or in a glass of club soda overnight. You can also use Alka Seltzer or denture tablets. Please note, you should only do this with hard stones, never soft stones like pearls, jade or opal.

S is for Shoes

Photo by Angela Anderson
Break in your shoes before the wedding – if you need to stretch them out, wear them around the house with a pair of heavy socks on. Wear them to get the mail and scuff the bottoms on concrete so they aren’t slippery. Even if they fit perfectly, wearing them around the house will give you an idea if you might want to add some cushy foot petals for comfort. You are going to be on your feet a lot on your wedding day, never hurts to give yourself a head start!

T is for Thank You

Photo by Jamie Jansen
Get all your thank you notes for gifts received before the wedding written and ready to mail prior to the big day. You will have a ton of thank you notes to write after the wedding, so why not knock a few of them out of the way before you leave on your honeymoon? You can either mail them out early (for those who aren’t coming to the wedding) or wait until after the wedding (for those who are attending but sent the gift early) to mail them but it is so nice to go on your honeymoon with a clear conscience.

Check back tomorrow for the final Last Minute Tips: U to Z!

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