Last Minute Tips: K to O

K is for Kiss

Photo by Clay Jackson
Practice the kiss – yes, I am serious! First, it gives you an excuse to make out with your soon to be spouse (not that you should need one) and second, it gets you both on the same page as far as how far you plan to take the kiss. You don’t want to have different ideas of what is appropriate on the wedding day – after all, your Great Aunt Tessy will be there!

L is for Linens

Photo by Rob Rife
When you do your final walk through of the reception site, do a final check that you have enough linens for every table that you would like covered. For instance, the cake table, guest book table, gift and escort card tables, high top tables for the cocktail hour. If you are having food stations or tables that serve as the bars, venues will often use black skirting for these tables – if you want them to match the rest of your tables, request that a linen be placed on them instead. Doing the final count will help make sure everything thing is covered on the wedding day. (pun fully intended)

M is for Menus

Photo by Angela Anderson
You probably know someone with some kind of food allergy – be it nuts, strawberries, shellfish, or wheat, they seem to be more common nowadays. Even if there are no allergies among your guests, you may have a vegetarian or someone who keeps Kosher or a pregnant guest who can’t eat that bleu cheese in the salad! Having a menu at each place setting or displaying one at every table is a great way to make sure your guests know what is in each dish so they can avoid the foods they can’t eat. If you are having food stations, small cards in front of each dish is also a wonderful touch. Even if you leave these until the last minute, you could do them with just a printer and some card stock so they are an easy last minute project.

N is for Nails

Photo by Steve Mastroianni
Gets your nails done or do them yourself a few days before the wedding. Make sure to have extra polish to match in case you chip a nail before the wedding and some nail glue or super glue if you happen to have acrylics. Even if you don’t do the traditional ring pictures, people will be looking at your rings all night long – make sure that your nails don’t distract them from the bling!

O is for Organization

Photo by Chris Holley Starling
Make lists of all the things you need to pack for the rehearsal night, the wedding day and your honeymoon night. Check things off as they go into each bag – as someone who wore her white wedding shoes to brunch the next morning because I forgot any other shoes, I know of what I speak! Checklists for people who are doing the set up is nice as well and really help get your vision across more clearly.

Check back tomorrow for Last Minute Tips: P to T

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