Last Minute Tips: F to J

F is for Facial

Photo by Wally Spice
If you have never had a facial, the week of your wedding is NOT the time to get one – they can irritate your skin and sometimes cause breakouts. The same goes for a massage if you bruise easily! Even if you are an old pro at the facials and really want to get one, make sure to schedule it early in the week. Also, take it easy on the new products – just because a skin cream costs $100 an ounce doesn’t make it perfect for your skin. Stick with the things that you know work and don’t irritate your lovely complexion.

G is for Gown

Photo by New Image Photography
Once your dress is back from being pressed, try to get it out of the giant white bag as soon as you can. Hang it up so it is well off the ground – if you can hang it from a light fixture that is best. If that won’t work, hang it from the top of a closet door with the giant white bag between the dress and the door (you want to protect the dress as much as you can). Spread a white sheet on the floor and spread out the train so keep it from wrinkling. Then keep the pets and the groom out of the room!

H is for Handkerchief

Photo by Nicole Dixon
Even if you don’t normally cry or aren’t emotional, the emotions and feelings you will experience on your wedding day may take you by surprise. Have a REAL hanky on hand rather than tissues to dry those tears or get rid of that shine (wedding gowns can be HOT!). A hanky won’t leave fuzz on your face like a paper tissue will leaving you with less touch up as the night goes on. Give the hanky to the groom and he can hand it to you if you need it – after all, tuxes have pockets and most bridal gowns don’t!

I is for Infants

Photo by Davis Photography
Okay, I had to cheat a little on this one so it isn’t just infants but kids of all ages – if you have kids attending your wedding or some little ones in the bridal party, check with the parents to see if they need high chairs. Most venues will have high chairs or infant slings available if you ask ahead of time but you have to ask! If the venue needs to rent them, they need notice to do that and 20 minutes into cocktail hour is not enough time! It is just another thing you can do as a host/hostess to make your guests feel special and welcome – thinking ahead for the parents in the group goes a long way!

J is for Jewelry

Photo by Alex Rivera
Take all your jewelry with you to your final fitting and put everything on together – this is a nice final check to make sure you like the complete look. Just because you love a necklace doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look right with you neckline of your gown and just because you love those earrings doesn’t mean that they won’t be too much with your veil.

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