Last Minute Tips: A to E

A is for Alphabetize

Photo by Angela Anderson
Take a little time once your escort cards are finished and put them in alphabetical order. This will save a lot of time for your coordinator on the day of the wedding – plus if you keep your final list of guests attending nearby, you can do a final check to make sure no one has been missed.

B is for Bouquet

Photo by Nicole Dixon
Where you hold your bouquet is actually really important for pictures. The tendency when you get nervous is for the bouquet to get higher and higher towards your chin – this hides your gorgeous dress and sometimes your beautiful face! We certainly don’t want that! Keep your shoulders back and down and try to rest your forearms on your hips – if you do this your bouquet should be pretty much right in front of your belly button which is perfect for pictures. It also gives you a little room in case the nerves get the better of you and it starts to migrate north on that looooong walk up the aisle!

C is for Ceremony

Photo by Steve Mastroianni
Say your entire ceremony out loud just as it will be done on the wedding day and time it – especially if you are getting married at the same location as your reception. This is a great reality check against your timeline – you don’t want your caterer to think that your ceremony is 30 minutes when it really only runs 10 minutes. 200 thirsty guests converging on a bar that isn’t ready is NOT a good thing!

D is for Directions

Make sure that you limo company has addresses for all the stops you plan to make – they might not know how to get to that gorgeous little known park downtown that you want pictures at so give them the address ahead of time. Also, for those out of town guests, slip directions for every event into your out of town guest bags at the hotels. Or set up an event at and give that number to your guests. You might want to drive the route from your ceremony to the reception to make sure there aren’t any roadblocks or detours that you need to take into account.

E is for Emotions

Photo by Rob Rife
The emotions surrounding a wedding can take even the most even keeled bride and groom by surprise. I always say that weddings bring out the best and the worst in the people you least expect and sometimes people lose their minds a little. If it all gets to be too much before the wedding, there is nothing wrong with turning off the email, putting down the wedding binder and walking away for an afternoon – it will all be there when you get back.

Check back tomorrow for Last Minute Tips: F to J

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