It only feels like your hand is going to fall off, I promise.

I am all for turning Miss Manners on her lovely, fluffy white head from time to time but there is one rule of etiquette I never advocate breaking – if someone does something nice for you or gives you a gift, take the time to send them a thank you note.

Don’t know how to (or hate to) write thank you notes? A painless primer: How to Write a Thank You Note (via Lifehacker)

A few more comments on TY notes:

  • Hand write the note, don’t type and print. They won’t care how bad your hand writing is, just taking the 3 minutes and writing it out makes a huge impression.
  • Buying cards with a preprinted thank you verse on it and just signing your name? JUST SAY NO. NO, NO, NO!
  • Buy some blank note cards to have on hand. Some of my favorite online sites: Carrot and Stick Press, Paper Source, and Fabulous Stationery
  • If you have a ton to of TY notes to write such as after a wedding, set aside 30 minutes a night while watching TV and do as many as you can in that time period.

    Now go finish those thank you notes that you have been putting off for the last 3 months. You’ll thank me later.

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