I just got an email from…myself?

I was born Emilie Jane Curtis. When I married Randy, I kept my maiden name as my middle name and dropped the Jane – so legally I am Emilie Curtis Duncan. I don’t use Curtis, but I kept it because it was a part of my identity for 26 years and it felt wrong to completely drop it.

(Bear with me, there is a point here. Really.)

Anyway, I was checking my email the other day and up popped a contact from my blog. I did an complete double take when I saw who it was from – it was from me! Or at least a former me or a life twin as she called it – I got an email from Emilie Curtis.

Turns out she did a Google search on her name (something you should all do, it can be very interesting to find out what is out there about you and find other people who share your name) and up popped a post I made that included my maiden name. Most people who share our first name spell it Emily, so finding someone with Emilie is rare – I have only run across a handful in my life.

Not only do we share the same name, she has a dog named Truman.

Life twin indeed!

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