How Men and Women See Colors

I saw this picture on Pinterest and loved it!  It speaks to a problem that I see so many couples struggle with – they see things differently and sometimes it even speak a different language!

To brides: if your groom tells you that he doesn’t have an opinion on a color or flower or tells you that he just wants you to be happy, believe him!!!  He probably doesn’t have an opinion on whether your accent color should be plum or eggplant and would be happy with whatever you decide.  Also, don’t get frustrated with him – remember, to some guys, purple is just purple.

To grooms: if your bride asks you whether you like plum or eggplant and you have an actual opinion, go ahead and share it but don’t be afraid to tell her that you would prefer she make that choice.  Also, don’t get frustrated with her if she pushes for an answer – she just wants to know you care.

Happy planning and good luck picking those colors!

2 Responses to “How Men and Women See Colors”

  1. Sofia invitations and prints Says:

    I love this, thanks for sharing. I experience this sometimes when designing save the dates and invites for couples. We are interesting in our little ways, aren’t we?

  2. Kerline Docteur Says:

    This is a great post! I love the graphic. I would love to reblog this with your permission!