Help Picking Color Scheme: Chip It!

One piece of advice I always give my clients is to head to the paint store and grab those great paint chips – having paint chips in your binder is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to colors.  They are small and easy to take with you to meetings, they are visual and if you give one to your florist to match ribbon, you can easily get another set!

Now if you are having trouble picking which colors you like it can now be as simple as finding a great picture on Pinterest and clicking a button.  Sherwin Williams has a new (free!) tool called Chip It!

You just drag the Chip It link to your toolbar and then when you find that perfect color scheme in a picture, you click the Chip It button, mouse over your picture and your color scheme will pop up!  It isn’t perfect – calibration on monitors can be tricky but it is a good jumping off point for color schemes!

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