Happy Veteran’s Day!

A very Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served and all those on active duty!  My family has its share of veterans from my Grandfather John (Army) and Granddaddy Myron (Navy) to my Uncle Jim (Army) and cousins Andy and Molly (both Army).  Randy’s family has veterans including his dad, both brothers and his only nephew (all Army).  To you all and everyone who has served, I am so grateful for your service and thank you.

Now to keep this wedding related, a little background.  I am an only child but if you asked me if I had any siblings, my answer would be that my cousin Molly is as close as I have to a sister.  She is Aunt Molly to my little girls and Major Melissa to everyone else.  She’s active duty Army and is deployed right now – she’ll be gone for over a year and we miss her terribly.

I am betting her husband misses her even more – you see Molly is also a newlywed.  Just 3 weeks before she deployed, Molly and Bob were married in a small ceremony in Richmond, Virginia.  The wedding that was planned in less than a month.  I think she was a beautiful bride and Laura Gordon did an amazing job capturing the day.  Thanks to Laura for sharing these with me!

Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?  Molly and Bob share an anniversary with my parents who have been married for 41 years so I am thinking August 20 is a good day in our family!   To Molly and Bob, we love you both and to Molly, come home safe – we can’t wait to see you!

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