Happy 07.07.07!

So what’s your lucky number? Lots of couples are hoping that today’s date is their ticket to a lifetime of happiness.

07.07.07 seems like it should be a pretty lucky day, huh? Lots of brides and grooms have picked up on that and are planning to marry today. According to the Knot, there are over 3 times the usual amount of couples getting married today because of the calendar – 38,000 couples registered on their site versus 12,000 couples for the average Saturday during the summer. On top of that, I am willing to bet (see, there is a theme here) that Vegas is just packed with engaged couples wanting to be married on the luckiest day of the year!

I do not have any weddings today (I am done with weddings until this little girl decides to arrive) but had quite a few calls from prospective brides looking for assistance. I was also interviewed for 2 different articles about the date – one in Columbus Monthly and The Delaware Gazette.

Next year 08.08.08 falls on a Friday and while I am guessing there will be an up tick in the number of weddings that weekend over this year, I don’t think it will be anything like 07.07.07.

Happy wedding day to all those getting married today and Happy 07.07.07 to everyone else! Who knows? Maybe I will go play the lottery today – although I won’t play 777, that isn’t MY lucky number.

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