Groom’s Cakes!

While many of our grooms are involved in the planning these days, it seems that the idea that, “It’s all about the bride!” still reins true for many.  We’re big believers that the wedding is actually about both members of the couple which might be why we LOVE to see groom’s cakes at our weddings!

If you don’t know what a groom’s cake it, it’s basically a second cake presented at the wedding or sometimes the rehearsal dinner.  It might be in the groom’s favorite flavor and is often designed to reflect something he loves.  It’s an added touch (quite often a surprise from the bride to the groom) that shows it isn’t ALL about the bride.  There is a long history behind the groom’s cake and local cake designer extraordinaire Jan Kish has a wonderful history of the groom’s cake on her website.  Here are some of our favorite groom’s cakes from some past weddings:

Leslie designed this cake with the help of Bella Luna for her groom, Daniel.  He used to skateboard and the two pups on top are their dogs, Gunnar and Lola.

485Photo by Keels Photography


Gavin goes through a bottle of Tabasco a week so it was a no brainer that Rebecca would surprise him with a cake from Short North Piece of Cake in the shape of his favorite hot sauce!

524Photo by Red Gallery Photography


Rachel and Travis love to play Scrabble so their favorite board game was an easy choice – especially since their names work so well together on the game board!  Anita Kline helped with this one!

Rachel&Travis195Photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

So what would you choose as a groom’s cake?

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