Grace + Sean: 07.14.06

Grace and Sean were Junior High School sweethearts! The story goes that Sean went home after meeting Grace and told his brother he was going to marry her – pretty bold words for a 13 year old! That was 13 years ago and they finally said their vows on a hot, hot, HOT day in Cleveland, Ohio – 1 year to the day after he proposed.

The bridal party did all their pictures before the ceremony so they could join the party ASAP. The pictures in the church included an honorary member of the bridal party – Heidi, the Rottweiler that Grace and Sean got from NE Ohio Rottweiler Rescue. She even had a new collar that matched the bridesmaid dresses. Heidi was adorable and extremely well behaved. She also inspired the guest favors – a cookie shaped like a dog bone with a tag letting guests know that a donation had also been made to the NE Ohio Rottie Rescue in their names.

After being lead out of the church by a bagpiper (a surprise for their families and guests), Grace and Sean climbed into a vintage Rolls Royce and headed to the reception. It was a little bit of private time in an otherwise busy day.

The couple took a little time with their bridal party to just hang out before joining the cocktail hour but the guests were greeted by unique likenesses of the bride and groom. The Mother of the bride took pictures of both of them in their wedding outfits before the wedding and had life size – and I mean life size, Sean was 6’4″ – cut outs made. Guests had a great time getting their photos taken with the couple. Later in the evening the cut outs wound up on the dance floor – who knew foam core could dance like that?! The pictures are hilarious!

I also got one of my favorite compliments – as I was saying good night to everyone, the Father of the bride told me when Grace and Sean hired me, he questioned the need for a wedding planner but by the end of the evening he said he completely understood why they had hired me and was so glad that they did.

Grace and Sean were the last couple that I agreed to work with in Cleveland and I am SO glad that I was part of their day – I am so honored and proud that they allowed me to be.

Pictures of this beautiful couple to come from Christine at Cirino Photography.

All dogs DO go to Heaven…

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