Ginnalea + Chad: 06.17.06

Ginnalea and Chad met at church camp while still in high school and knew they were meant especially for each other. They pledged their lives to each other in front of God, their families and friends on a hot, sunny day.

The ceremony and reception were held at a church just a short drive outside Lexington, along a road lined with the black fences and rolling hills that mark the beautiful Bluegrass horse farms.

Ginnalea and Chad wrote their own vows for the ceremony and put together a slideshow of them growing up and growing together as a couple. Both resulted in many tears among the guests (and the vendors too)

Chad planned the entire honeymoon on his own and managed to keep it a secret from Ginnalea – even as they climbed into the limo through a shower of rose petals, she didn’t know they were headed to Mexico for a week on the beach.

For future reference, when the Mother of the Groom locks her shoes, jacket and makeup in an extra room in the church basement, I do not know how to pick a lock with two hairpins. I gave it a try, but I am no MacGyver. Thankfully, this time a key appeared.

One of my favorite moments of the day was after many of the guests had left. The saxophone player played just for them and they shared a private first dance. I have rarely seen a couple so lost in each other and the moment, it brought tears to my eyes.

Pictures of this gorgeous couple to come from the extraordinary Melanie Mauer.

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