Fun Placecard Idea

(Preface: Escort cards and place cards are different things although the terms are often used interchangeably. Escort cards list the guest’s name and their table assignment. Placecards indicate the actual seat reserved for the guest at their table. Most people refer to everything as placecards so for clarity sake, I will as well.)

I am a big fan of placecards – especially all the different ways to present them. I have hung them from trees, wrapped them around candles, pinned them to fruit (okay, so that’s actually next weekend). There are a ton of different options and ideas out there.

I think these buttons from Mak’em Mingle would be ridiculously fun for a laid back wedding or even the rehearsal dinner. Just pick out a button and pin it to the placecard. I would think at least a little conversation would be sparked.

With tons of different buttons pretty much everyone would be covered, including the Boyfriend of the Grandmother of the Bride and the guest who traveled over 1000 miles to attend.

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