Friday Favorites: 03.08.13

{I’m in a colorful, ombre sort of mood today – must be all the snow we dealt with around here this week!}

Favorite Dress: This one would take some courage but this silk satin fit to flare gown with hand dyed ombre feather skirt from Kelly Faetanini certainly caught my eye!  I love the movement on the train – just lovely!


Favorite Bouquet: I love the fuchsia and purples in this bouquet. It feels free form but with enough structure to be elegant – in my opinion, if a bouquet is too crazy, with no underlying plan to the construction, it can stop feeling that way.


Favorite Boutonniere: I love lavender – it smells wonderful and  looks lovely.  I suggest using fresh lavender versus dried – it become very brittle when dried and all that hugging will cause the poor thing to disintegrate!


Favorite Cake: More ombre!  I thought this was a nice cake to compliment this week’s dress!  Ombre, feathery and would probably take some courage.  🙂


Favorite Decor: I said it was an ombre kind of week, right?  I love this simple ribbon treatment – I wouldn’t suggest this for too many chairs, likely just the bride and groom because this would take a while!


Favorite Extra: If you designate a hashtag on Instagram for your guests to tag their photos with, use this trick to grab them and create a 16×20 print at Costco for under $10.


Have a wonderful weekend – we’ve got a hint of spring around here after that (hopefully) last gasp of winter so we’re hoping for some outdoor play time this weekend!

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