Free Senseo Coffee Maker

I feel like I need to share a secret here. It is something I rarely share with people because I so often get strange looks, gasps of disbelief and the like. Okay…here goes:

I don’t drink coffee (unless is has lots and lots of chocolate in it).

My parents didn’t drink it while I was growing up so it was never around for me to want to like it. I occasionally will drink some very sweet or lightened coffee drinks but never a straight cup of black java.

I know that many people like coffee and I wanted to be able to serve coffee at my house and/or my office. I have been looking at the one cup ‘pod’ coffee makers and was thinking of buying one for my office since they only make one cup so a huge pot wouldn’t go to waste. Then I saw that Senseo is giving away their coffee pod systems.

I took the survey a few days ago and forgot about it until this morning when I got the email today saying I was eligible and I should get my Senseo machine in the next 2-4 weeks.

Click here to take the survery to see if you are eligible.

(Pretty sure there are no right or wrong answers because I admitted I don’t drink coffee right in the survey!)

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