Flowers 101: Tuberose


Season: Tuberose is available February through October.

Cost: Expect to pay around $6 per stem of tuberose – a bit pricey but bear in mind that each stem has 4 to 6 blooms on it, up and down the length of the stem.

Color: Tuberose can be found in nature in shades of cream and white but you can also find tinted flowers in orange, pink, lavender and orange.  You can also find green tuberose – really simply immature or closed flowers.

Hardiness: Tuberoses are a very hardy, warmth loving flower.  Keep them out of the cold and hydrate them as often as you can but don’t worry about bruising the petals.

Pairings: Since tuberoses are considered a secondary or filler flower, you can pair them with anything.  Tuberose are considered line flowers and when left on the stem can add nice height and depth to arrangements.

Good Things to Know: The open form of tuberose is commonly included in wedding leis in Hawaii as well as garlands used in Indian and Hindu weddings.

The tuberose is not a rose – it isn’t related to the rose at all.

The tuberose is highly scented and the oil from the flower is used in perfumes – if you want to add a new layer of scent to an arrangement without having to add a huge, overpowering flower, tuberoses are a great choice!

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  1. Beth Says:

    I really am enjoying this series on flowers. Thanks so much for sharing all of this information.