Flowers 101: Sweet Pea

Season: Sweet peas are most readily available November through June.

Cost: You can expect to pay upwards of $5 per stem.  While each stem will usually have 3-4 individual blooms, they are often clustered together to make more of an impact.

Colors: Shades of white, shades of pink, lavender, purple and red.

Hardiness: Sweet pea petals are paper thin but surprisingly rugged.  Like all flowers, the more you can supply they with water, the better!

Pairings: Sweet peas kind of remind me of a large version of individual hydrangea blossoms so if it looks good with hydrangea, safe bet it will look good with sweet peas.  I personally think they look fantastic when paired with tulips, roses, lily of the valley and hyacinth.  Of course, they look lovely on their own as well.

Good Things to Know: Not that you would, but don’t confuse these with the sweet peas you would serve up for dinner – sweet pea flowers and seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten.

Sweet pea grow on a vine rather than a bush and have a sweet, strong scent – be careful about mixing them with other flowers that have a strong scent.

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