Flowers 101: Ranunculus


Season: Ranunculus are generally in season from January to May – plus or minus a month depending on the weather in the growing regions.

Cost: Ranunculus are a cost effective alternative to other multi petaled flowers like peonies, garden and cabbage roses.  Expect to pay $2-$3 per stem to start.

Colors: White, yellow, peach, orange, pale pink, hot pink and red.

Hardiness: Ranunculus are delicate blooms and need lots of water.  They are an exceptionally thirsty bloom so keep them hydrated as much as possible.  Their stems are slender and touchy as well so be gentle with them too.

Pairings: Since ranunculus are reminiscent of cabbage and garden roses as well as peonies, they pair well with those flowers as well as other garden flowers.  I love them on their own as well – a whole bouquet of hot pink ranunculus?  Jaw dropping!

Good Things to Know: The name ranunculus is from the latin word ‘rana’ for frog.  It has nothing to do with how they look but rather where the wild variety grow – in wet areas.

Ranunculus are also called Buttercups or Persian Buttercups.  The Persian part references their Middle Eastern origins.

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3 Responses to “Flowers 101: Ranunculus”

  1. Elissa Butler Says:

    I just bought myself two dozen of tangerine ranunculus. They really put me in the mood for spring. I LOVE them 🙂 Thanks for this, Emilie.

  2. Debbie Orwat Says:

    I love these flowers. Thanks for keeping us informed with all your flower research. You do a great job!

  3. Justin Says:

    These are Cassidy’s favorite flowers; she’ll be excited to see this.