Flowers 101: Hyacinth


Season: Hyacinth is in season from November through May and they are most readily available in February and March.

Cost: Expect to pay upwards of $6 per stem for hyacinth – each stem has 20-25 blooms on them which can be left intact on the stem or wired and used individually.

Colors: Hyacinth is available in white, yellow, peach, pale pink, hot pink, lavender, purple and blue.

Hardiness: Hyacinth is a long lasting and hardy flower but keep them cool and hydrated as much as possible.

Pairings: Hyacinth has a garden-y feel to it and pairs well with roses, peonies and tulips.  Taking them off the stem and using them individually, they remind me a bit of individual hydrangea blooms and can be used similarly.  Combine them with freesia and snapdragon for something a little different.

Good Things to Know: Hyacinth have a very strong scent – just a few will add an evident scent note to any bouquet so watch placement of a lot of them near food.

Hyacinths have been around for quite a while.  Ancient Greeks and Romans are believed to have cultivated it – Homer and Virgil made reference to hyacinth’s scent in their writings.

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