Flowers 101: Grape Hyacinth


Season: Grape hyacinth is in season from November through May.

Cost: Expect to pay upwards of $4 per stem for grape hyacinth.

Colors: Grape hyacinth is most commonly available in blue with a purple cast but is also available in white with a green cast.

Hardiness: Keep grape hyacinth cool and hydrated as much as possible but if they are out of water for a while, you should be okay.  They are not terribly fragile so don’t worry too much about handling them.

Pairings: Grape hyacinth makes a unique filler flower but I love them on their own – I think a whole bouquet of grape hyacinth is an interesting conversation piece.

Good Things to Know: Grape hyacinth has a mild, sweet scent – much sweeter than hyacinth.

Grape hyacinths are reminiscent of bluebells and since bluebells aren’t easily incorporated into floral design, they make a fantastic alternative.

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