Flowers 101: Gardenia


Season: Gardenias are available year round but peak season is from late spring through mid summer.

Cost: Expect to pay at least $15 per bloom for gardenias.  Gardenias, like stephanotis, have no stems and so they must be hand wired or glued to something else.  As you can imagine, this is extremely time and labor intensive which contributes to the high price of these blooms.

Color: Gardenias are available in shades of white and ivory.

Hardiness: These blooms are extremely fragile – their petals bruise extremely easily from even the lightest touch.  Keep them hydrated and handle them as little as possible.

Pairings: Pair gardenias with roses, peonies, anemones – they look gorgeous in an all white bouquet.  They are also stunning on their own but be aware if they go bad (bumped, bruised, etc) it is going to be a lot more evident in an all gardenia bouquet than when mixed with other flowers.

Good Things to Know: Gardenias are highly fragrant – they have a strong, lasting scent which can be overpowering if lots of them are clustered together.  They also cause allergic reactions in some people – make sure you ASK anyone who might be wearing them in a bout or corsage if they have ever had a problem with them.  Even then, you might want to order some extra, non-gardenia personal flowers just in case.  Ask me about the mother of the groom who had a bad allergic reaction to the wrist gardenia she was wearing!

Gardenias grow on a shrub (which accounts for the lack of stems) and are native to Japan and China.

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