Flowers 101: Delphinium

Season: You can get delphinium year round but the peak growing season, when you will find the most vibrant colors, is June through October.

Cost: You can expect to pay upwards of $5 per stem.

Colors: Light blue is among the most common color delphinium but they are also available in purple, deep blue, hot pink and white.

Hardiness: Delphinium can be out of water and stand up to heat and sun – but keep them in water when you can.

Pairings: Delphinium are ‘English country garden’ flowers so they look great with other flowers with a garden-y feel.  Peonies, hydrangea, daisies, roses and tulips are all natural compliments to delphinium.

Good Things to Know: Delphinium grow in long stems with with 15-20 individual blooms on them.  The blooms themselves are star shaped with 5 petals.  Left on the stem, they are great for adding height to centerpieces.

Delphinium also goes by the name larkspur.  While they aren’t exactly the same flower – delphiniums have longer stems and are larger than larkspur – they are basically interchangeable.

The sap from delphinium is highly toxic – wash your hands after you handle them and keep them away from animals and children.  Needless to say, you DO NOT want your flower girl tossing delphinium petals!

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  1. Juliet Says:

    I’m enjoying the flower education. Thanks for the great blog post Emilie!