Flowers 101: Cosmos


Season: Cosmos are available summer and fall – look for them from late May through early October but if you are on the outside of that range, don’t set your heart on them too much.  Cosmos can be fickle to grow and Mother Nature often has her own ideas.

Cost: Expect to pay less than $2 per stem of cosmos – great for adding some color at not much cost.

Color: Cosmos are available from in white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, red – all these have yellow centers.  The most popular cosmos for weddings seem to be chocolate which have a chocolate center.

Hardiness: When they are still growing, cosmos are very hearty and take dry conditions and full sun well but when they are cut, they should be hydrated and kept cool, as much as possible.

Pairings: Cosmos add a nice little bit of color to summer bouquets and are reminiscent of daises so the would look great in a bouquet with other multi petaled flowers like gerbers and anemones.  The chocolate cosmos are a bit more sophisticated and look amazing in an otherwise all white bouquet.

Good Things to Know: The name cosmos either comes from the latin word ‘kosmos’ which means beautiful or from the Greek word ‘cosmos’ meaning order and symmetry – both of which apply to the cosmos.

Chocolate cosmos resemble chocolate in both color and scent – they are reminiscent of vanilla tinged chocolate.  They smell delicious!

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