Flowers 101: Carnations

You aren’t seeing things – that says carnations.  Yes, I am going there and I think you should too – keep reading to see why.

Season: Carnations are available year round.

Cost: You can expect to pay $1.50 per stem and up.

Varieties: The most common varieties of carnations used in weddings are:

Carnations: Round, ball shaped flowers which measure a couple inches across. They come one to a stem and have the distinctive ruffled petals.

Spray Carnations (Mini Carns): Just what it sounds like – a mini, spray version of the full size carnations. You can expect 5-10 blooms per stem.

Colors: White, all shades of pink, red, peach, yellow, all shades of purple – basically every color of the rainbow except black. You can also find stripes and bi-color varieties with tipped petals. Carnations take color very well so if you want blue or green, they can easily be dyed to accommodate that request.

Hardiness: Extremely hearty and long lasting, carnations can generally take whatever you throw at them from being out of water to standing up to heat and direct sunlight.

Pairings: Carnations are among those that can either blend in or stand on their own. I am a fan of clustering a bunch of them together tightly on their own. Roses, greenery of all kinds and hydrangea all work with carnations.

Good Things to Know: Carnations are believed to be at least 2000 years old – they can be found in ancient Greek and Roman art.

I have a florist friend that clusters carnations into tight groupings, refers to them as “mini peonies” and uses them in weddings all the time. This florist doesn’t tell what they really are unless directly asked – they have even fooled brides who said absolutely no carnations at first! Once they saw the carnations in person, they changed their minds – especially since carnations are so cost effective!

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