Flowers 101: Anemone


Season: Anemone are in season October through May but they peak in spring.

Cost: Expect to pay upwards of $3 per stem of anemone.

Colors: Shades of red, shades of pink, purple, blue and my favorite, white.  Most commonly seen with a dark center, you can find some with a lighter middle as well.

Hardiness: My favorite line about anemones is that they are “heavy drinkers” – keep them in water as much as you can!  Also, anemone do not have a long cut life at all – a few days at most so don’t expect them to be around when you get back from your honeymoon.

Pairings: Anemone look great with poppies which are part of the same family.  They also look lovely with other ruffly, multi petaled flowers like peonies and ranunculus.

Good Things to Know: Also, called windflower, anemones get their name from the Greek word anemos, which means – you guessed it – “wind.”

Anemone are highly phototropic and will continue to grow, twist, bend and seek the light even after they are in a finished bouquet – take this into consideration when considering them for your table arrangements.

This flower has no scent and so no worries about mixing it with highly fragrant flowers.

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  1. melissa Says:

    i love the black & white anemones!