Flowers 101: Daisies

Season: Most varieties of daisies are available year round.

Cost: Daisy varieties generally run $4 and up per stem.

Varieties: The most common varieties of daisies used in weddings are:

Daisy: This is the classic white flower with dark center that you probably had growing in your yard as a kid (admit it, you played ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ with them).

Gerbera: Also known as Gerber Daisies, they are a colorful, multi layer, multi petaled flower that come in a billion colors.  The heads are generally anywhere from 2.5″ to 5″ across.

Mini Gerbera: Just what they sound like – gerbers, but mini.  They are usually about half the size of a standard gerber daisy and come in tons of colors as well.

Colors: Depending on the variety, daisies are available in cream, orange, pink, purple, red, burgundy, yellow and of course, white.

Hardiness: Daisies stand up quite well to heat, sun and being out of water.  Gerbers especially have big stems that like water so the more you can keep them hydrated the better.

Pairings: Daisies of all kinds mix well with other flowers but they are a casual flower.  All those petals mean they read fluffy and light no sleek and clean so you probably wouldn’t find them in a modern arrangement.  I personally love them with roses, tulips, mini callas and sunflowers. 

Good Things to Know: Daisies, especially gerberas, have large heads and are top heavy.  Because of that, they need to be supported either by other flowers or by wire to keep from flopping over – often both.

Gerber heads float beautifully in water.  You could drop them in a bowl for a super simple centerpiece or put tons of them in a fountain or pool for a huge impact.

Next up on Flowers 101: Carnations.

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bottom row:, Snap Dragon Garden, Lassoed Moon, Emilie Duncan Event Planning

3 Responses to “Flowers 101: Daisies”

  1. Karen Brouwer Says:

    I love daisies. My particular favorite is bright pink gerbers. In fact, I love them so much that I have instructed my family that I want them on my casket when I die. I am not planning on that being anytime soon, but I just want them to know!

  2. Meredith Tomasulo Says:

    I love that bout! I always have to ask the florist to cover the stems with ribbon! great post!

  3. Curtis Copeland Says:

    Great information. These are some truly beautiful pictures of wedding flowers.
    Thanks for sharing!