First Things First: U

U is for Unfortunate Mongrams (make sure yours isn’t!)

You have probably seen all kinds of monograms for wedding – frilly letters, intertwined letters, clean and classic letters – the options are endless!  But before you set your heart on using a monogram, make sure your monogram isn’t going to offend anyone – If you name is Kathryn and his is Ken and his last name is Kirkpatrick…probably not going to want to use that particular monogram on your cake.

Remember, bride’s initial is first, then your new last name, then groom’s first name.  Pamela and Samuel Michelson are not going to have the best monogram either (yes, it would be PMS).

Alison and Scott Smith should probably choose something else too.

I could go on but you get the picture – just a quick double check will save you a little disappointment before you have your heart set.

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