First Things First: S

S is for Size (it does matter!)

There is often a fine balance between how many people you would like to have at your wedding and how many you can actually afford!  Decide on the general size that you would like:

Do you want a huge party with 250+ people that goes all night?  Or would you prefer an intimate, close family and friends celebration?  The average wedding is somewhere around 150-175 but in the end it is up to what you want.

One last thing – under NO circumstances should you book a venue and then invite more people than it can actually hold, hoping that people will RSVP no.  One of my past couples had 7 no responses out of 184 people invited.


99.96% of their guests that said yes.  Don’t count on any certain number saying no and hope that it will all work out – your guests might surprise you and if they do, they deserve to be welcomed in comfort!

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