First Things First: J

J is for Jewelry (insure the new stuff)

You are newly engaged and that brand new ring on your finger is so shiny it blinds small children!  Among the people you should be calling to share the big news is your insurance agent.  Yes, your insurance agent.  That ring is probably among the most (if not far and away the most) expensive pieces of jewelry that you own and you should have insurance on it.

You can generally add a rider to your home or renter’s insurance to cover the value of your new bling.  It doesn’t cost much and will give you a little piece of mind (I think the person who bought the ring will probably appreciate it too!)

One note, make sure to read or ask about the appraisal policy on the ring – I know that my insurance policy requires a professional appraisal of the ring every two years to remain valid.  Don’t let that lapse or the insurance policy would simply be an expensive piece of paper with no other value.

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