First Things First: I

I is for Inspiration (it comes when/from where you might least expect it!)

Don’t just look to bridal magazines and wedding websites for ideas and inspiration for your wedding.  Design and fashion magazines and home decor blogs and websites are great starting points for ideas for your wedding.  Weddings tend to follow trends in fashion and home decor by about a year or two so if you start there, you are well ahead of the trends!

The thing about using only wedding sources for ideas is that means someone else has already done it – if you want your wedding to be unique and perfectly you then why would you use someone else’s idea?  This is not to say that you shouldn’t tear out pages from magazines, bookmark the heck out of websites and wedding blogs but use them more as a starting point, not a guideline.

Once you have ideas from all sources, take them to your planner and designer and work together to find the ideas that will work for your wedding and be uniquely yours!

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