First Things First: G

G is for Gowns (try on as many as possible!)

You only get married once so try on as many gowns as possible – enjoy it!  Three rules to live by for gown shopping:

1. Try on styles that you wouldn’t think you would like – so often my brides tell me they went in knowing exactly what they were after but the dress they wound up buying something completely different!  Keep an open mind – you might be surprised what works for you!

2. Spread out the appointments. Trying on gowns is more tiring than you might think and you will probably be worn out after one appointment – I would suggest no more than 2 shops in a day.

3. Once you actually BUY the gown, stop!  Don’t keep trying on gowns unless you want to be a two (or more) gown bride!

Now go have fun and play dress up!

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