First Things First: F

F is for Formality (just how dressy is dressy?)

One of the first things to consider before looking at things like gowns and reception venues is how formal you would like your wedding to be.  If you have always pictured your wedding guests mingling over a casual meal, you probably aren’t going to focus your search on downtown hotel ballrooms.  If you have always pictured your guests in tuxes and ballgowns, you probably won’t want to have a morning reception at a metro park.

While there are no hard and fast rules for formality, it is widely agreed that there are 3 basic levels of formality with regards to weddings: formal, semi-formal and informal.  Formal is black or white tie – guests will likely be in tuxes and cocktail dresses or ballgowns.  Semi-formal is the most common for weddings these days – expect your guests to wear suits or jackets and nice dresses or pant suits.  Informal is really where anything goes – from jeans to khakis, it really is whatever you would like it to be.

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