First Things First: C

C is for Contracts (be prepared to start reading!)

Contracts aren’t much fun – I don’t know anyone who considers them a good beach read by any means!  But when it comes to your wedding, they are mandatory reading.  You are going to be spending a lot of money (and I say that whether your budget is $5000, $50,000 or $500,000) on this one day – make sure that when you hire a vendor, you understand their contract.  Read every word of every contract because you need to know what happens if you decide you want to cancel their services or what happens if they get sick and need to send a sub at the last minute.

Also, a good vendor will NEVER pressure you to sign a contract on the spot and will let you look it over before you sign it – if someone pushes you to sign something without giving you the time to understand it, please walk away.  Our contracts are written to protect us AND you so we want you to understand what you are signing.

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