Featured on Stylish Planner!

You know you haven’t been updating your blog enough when your mom calls to tell you she was looking at her Blogroll and noticed you hadn’t updated in a really long time.  I have a good excuse – between my wonderful clients, Cakes for a Cause and getting ready for this baby, I have also been working on blogs for other people!

stylishplannerToday, I was featured on The Stylish Planner.  The lovely Jeannine gives a good idea of how we met (and yes, the story is a long, but funny one) and we are Twitter friends as well.  She asked me to talk a little about managing pregnancy while maintaining your style and I was completely flattered!

Click here to read my post on maternity fashion tips!

And if you haven’t put two and two together – I am pregnant with Ellie’s little sister and will be delivering any day.  I will be on maternity leave for about a month once that happens but still checking my email and voicemail from time to time.  I look forward to introducing the newest addition to our family very soon!

Thanks to Jeannine for the opportunity to share my maternity tips with your readers!

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