Featured on Sage Wedding Pros!


I know the mastermind behind Sage Wedding Pros, Michelle Loretta, through Twitter and have always loved reading her blog – it is full of great information for wedding professionals of all kinds.  When Michelle emailed me and asked me to contribute to a series for the new vendors in the industry – I was thrilled!  She asked me for the top ten things that I wanted new planners to know – the things that no one tells you when you are first starting out.

I get SO MANY emails from girls who want to be planners and are looking for internships or part time positions with Emilie Duncan Event Planning or want advice on getting started.  Quite honestly, I get so many emails and phone calls that I don’t have time to answer all of them so the chance to get this kind of information out there was appealing to me.  Based on the comments, it hit a nerve with other planners both new and experienced – I hope that is opens some eyes and thanks again for Michelle for the opportunity!

Click here to read my 10 Lessons for New Wedding Planners

One Response to “Featured on Sage Wedding Pros!”

  1. Michelle Loretta Says:

    YAY! Loved your feature! And, so did so many wedding pros! Thanks for the contribution, Emilie.