Etsy Find Friday: Gourmet Marshmallows

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness!  I have talked about candy bars, ice cream sundae bars, cookie displays, popcorn bars and donut stations but what about a flavored marshmallow station at your wedding?  Mia Mallows has 35 (THIRTY FIVE!) different flavors of handmade gourmet marshmallows that would be AH-mazing as a specialty bar for your guests to enjoy.  They are all tinted to reflect their colors so your marshmallow bar could be as colorful as you would like!

Those 35 flavors are (1)Banana, (2)Bavarian Cream, (3)Blueberry, (4)Caramel, (5)Cherry, (6)Chocolate, (7)Chocolate Chip, (8)Chocolate Mexican Style, (9)Chocolate Mint, (10)Red Hot Cinnamon, (11)Coconut, (12)Coffee, (13)Cotton Candy, (14)Dulce De Leche, (15)Eggnog, (16)Keylime Pie, (17)Lavender, (18)Lemon, (19)Lime, (20)Mango, (21)Maple, (22)Mixed Berries, (23)Orange, (24)Peach, (25)Peanut Butter, (26)Peppermint, (27)Pina Colada, (28) Pineapple, (29)Pomegranate, (30)Praline with Pecans, (31)Pumpkin Pie with Shortbread cookie crumbs, (32)Raspberry (33)Saltwater Taffy, (34)Strawberry, and (35)Vanilla.

At just $5 for 6 one and half inch cubes, these would make a great wedding favor too!

Great, now I am dreaming of a s’more made with a Peanut Butter marshmallow.  Oh, that would be heaven!  If you do a marshmallow bar at your wedding, send me pictures and I will post them!

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