End of the Year Housekeeping

Wow, am I the only one who is a touch shocked to see that 2008 is just about over?

A few things for the end of the year:

*I am going shopping next week for the Mid Ohio Food Bank and thanks to everyone who commented, I am donating $225 worth of food to them. I will be sure to take pictures and share. Thanks to everyone who commented!

*Almost time to update your bookmarks! We are working on a new blog which means a new address – once it is up and running, I will update with that info.

*We are starting some really cool blog series including:
-Friday Flowers – a weekly look at different flowers to consider when designing your wedding including common and uncommon blooms. We are going to cover roses, of course, but watch for protea too.
-Vendor Conversations – we are finally continuing what we started way back in early 2008. Conversations with some of our favorite (and we think some of the best) vendors in Columbus. We are naming names and talking everything you need to know about photographers, videographers, florists, entertainment, makeup artists and more!
-101 Things. I am down to under 700 days on my 2nd round of 101 Things and need to get moving! So, watch for updates every other week of progress – even if that progress is nonexistent!

2009 has been a fantastic year! We were a part of some great weddings, got to work with some really incredible vendors, moved into our new studio (!) and really reconfirmed that this is exactly where we are supposed to be. Thanks to everyone we met and worked with along the way – can’t wait for 2009!

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