DIY: Simple Bow Tie

Maybe it is the fact that I was born in Mobile, Alabama or that I saw many grooms wearing them while in Lexington, Kentucky (bow ties are oh so Southern!) but there is something about a groom and his guys in fun bow ties.  Before you scroll right by because you think I have been kidnapped by the 80’s, I am NOT talking about plain black bow ties with cumberbund!  I am talking about polka dots, stripes, bright colors and patterns – fun bow ties that would make fabulous accessories for the men in your bridal party!

I am aware that most rental places offer solid bow ties and that is about it so I was tickled when I ran across this great DIY tutorial on making a snazzy bow tie from a regular tie on Make It and Love It.


It actually looks pretty easy – just pick out a tie you love in a fun color or pattern and then after some cutting, snipping and stitching, your guys will have a fantastic (already tied) bow tie!  Click the picture above for all the details and have fun!!

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