I stumbled onto not long ago and have spent WAY too much time planning trips to places all over the world!  The premise of the website is that people around the world open their homes to travelers much like a bed and breakfast or small inn.  The selection of places to stay ranges from a private room in a house or apartment to the entire apartment or house and most at much less than a hotel would probably run per night!  Some are…interesting to put it nicely but many look really cool especially for larger cities like NYC or London. Plus, since they are often entire apartments or houses, you would have a kitchen so you would be able to do some meals at home as a cost saver.

The site has a section with really unique hotel rooms as well.  I found more than a few that would be amazing honeymoon destinations – take a look at these:


727 Fuselage Home in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – you MUST look at the pictures of this refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 airframe.  What a perfect honeymoon suite!


The Green Windmill in Santorini, Greece


Ancient British Castle in Cumbria

Have fun planning your honeymoon – or dreaming of your second honeymoon like I currently am!  Enjoy!!

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