Conversation Closed: Stationers

I hope that the first set of Vendor Conversations was helpful and interesting! Thank you so much to the fabulous stationers that participated!

Obviously, there are a ton of stationers in Columbus and online – Seedlings, Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Julie, Postmarked and Paper Occasions are just 4 of my favorites. They do a beautiful job taking care of their clients which is always top of my list when recommending vendors. There are lots more in the area who do as well so while by NO means an exhaustive list, it is a good jumping off point.

Oh, and one note, in case you were wondering – none of the vendors I have featured or will feature in the future have paid for their placement here with money or favors or kickbacks or anything else. I have hand picked the vendors I feature because I believe in their work not because they give me anything to believe that way.

Be on the lookout for the next series of Vendor Conversations coming in a few weeks with lots more great conversations with more fabulous Columbus vendors!

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