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Quick Tip: Who is invited from work?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Since one of the first things all you newly engaged couples should do is start working on your guest list, I thought this quick tip was especially timely.

One of my most asked questions with regard to the guest list is “Who do we invite from work?”  Usually it is a matter of the bride and groom feeling that if they invite one or two people, they will have to invite everyone in their office.  Well, I give you permission to let that feeling go!

The rule of thumb I share with my clients is that if you have had a coworker over to dinner or have been to their house for dinner (or have spent a significant time with them outside of work) then they likely belong on the guest list.  Everyone else is a “nice to include.”  Really.  I know that some of you are likely sitting there thinking I am crazy but unless you have enough room, you have to draw the line somewhere.  Co-workers who you don’t really care for is a great place to start.

The exception to this would be bosses who should generally be invited even if you’ve never gone to dinner with them or seen the inside of their house.

Quick Tip: Reception Budget

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

One quick rule of thumb when budgeting and searching for a reception venue and/or caterer is that about half your budget is going to be spent on the reception.  That includes food and beverage, venue rental fees, any hard good rentals that need to be brought in (i.e. tables, chairs, flatware, china and glassware – linens usually fall under the decor category) and cake.

If your budget is $30,000 and you are looking at venues with a $20,000 minimum, you need to keep looking – even cutting your guest list won’t help if you have a certain dollar amount you have to hit.

Quick Tip: Table Assignments

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I think the most dreaded task for many couples during wedding planning is the table assignments.  While I have no tips to help you make sure that no one feels like they’re seated at a bad table or how to best keep your divorced Aunt Sarah and Uncle Charlie as far away from each other as possible (because no one wants a repeat of the great butter fight of 2006), I can give you an easy way to keep track of who is sitting where and with whom.

I am a rather visual person so seeing things laid out helps me keep track in my mind.  Here is what you need to create a perfect seating arrangement for your wedding:

*A pack of paper plates – feel free to use whatever you have in your cabinet.  Leftover plates from New Year’s Eve 2005 or your niece’s Barbie birthday party are fine!

*Post it note strips in multiple colors like these:

post it notes

Got those two things?  Great – now grab a pen and get started:

1. As you receive your RSVPs, write each person’s name on their own post it strip.  If you have asked your guests to indicate their meal selection, use different colored slips to represent each meal or use the different colors to represent guest groups like bride, groom, both, etc. so you can make sure you have a nice mix in your floorplan.

2. Spread out your plates and start putting assigning guests to tables.

3. Number each of your plates to correspond to a table on your floor plan.

4. Enter everyone’s table number into your master guest list and you are all set to create your place cards, send final meal counts by table to your caterer, etc.

Since you can easily move people from table to table or take the seating plan with you to consult with family members this is a super easy, super cheap and super flexible to tackle a dreaded task.  Good luck!