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PFA: Static Guard

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Bridesmaids dresses are notoriously full of static – they cling, they stick, they sometimes just don’t like to cooperate.  Tuxedo pant legs have been known to do the same thing.  Neither of these situations are terribly attractive!

(Photo: Static Guard)

One of the best ways to combat the cling is to tuck a little can of Static Guard in your Wedding PFA Kit.  In a pinch, a little spritz of hairspray can also work to get rid of static cling but can leave legs feeling a bit sticky.

PFA: Crochet Hook

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

This PFA is for all the brides with rows of buttons on their gowns.  Whether they are for decoration or functional (most are the former nowadays), they can be a pain in the finger to button!  This is especially true when you get to the last few and are running out of room for movement among the buttons.

(Photo: Crochet Spot)

Tucking a crochet hook into the loop can sometimes help guide it over the button more easily then tired and numb fingers!

Pick one up at any craft store for your Wedding PFA Kit and save your maids or mom’s fingers!

PFA: Handkerchiefs

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Those little packets of tissues are great for every day but for your wedding day, skip them and go with real handkerchiefs.  Why?  Because paper tissues leave behind lint which can stick to your face and can sometimes be seen in pictures.

(Photo: The White Aisle)

You can find lovely embroidered handkerchiefs as pictured above (they also make great parents gifts) or the men’s department at most department stores sell packs of plain hankies.  Grab a pack and stash them in your Wedding PFA Kit to help dry those happy tears.

PFA: Diaper Pins

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I always have a ton of safety pins of every size possible on hand – big, small and everything in between.  They are fantastic for quick fixes on things like the hem of dresses, pants and such but they have a tendency to pull apart if there is too much weight put on them…like when used to fix a bustle.  Enter my secret weapon: the diaper pin!

The reason that regular safety pins often fail to hold enough weight is that they bend and the point slips out from the clasp which makes them completely useless.  Diaper pins have a safety cover that slides up and down to hide the point and lock it in place.  A diaper pin can take more weight than a regular safety pin so it will help keep that bustle in place much more securely.

The only issue I find with these is that they have a less pointy point – they are dull by design so as not to poke babies but it can make getting them through thick bridal gown material trying at times.  Don’t be afraid to hold a sharper pin right along side the diaper pin to help you start it through the fabric.

You can find diaper pins at most craft stores – they are usually in the area with the other pins and notions.  Throw a few in your Wedding PFA Kit and you’ll be set if someone accidentally takes out your bustle!

PFA: Bobby Pins

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I am starting out with the PFA series with an obvious one that might not be so obvious to everyone: bobby pins.

Did you know they come in different colors?  If you are blond, you probably did but if you are a brunette or raven haired bride to be, you might not have.  I certainly didn’t until I was in the industry and tried to hide brown hair pins on a platinum blond’s updo – I don’t recommend this.  In my defense, we had used up the blond pins that the hairdresser had used on her – she had a lot of hair.  And it was 7 years ago and I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

Hair pins or bobby pins (so called because they were invented in the 20’s when the bob hairstyle became popular) come in multiple colors including blond, light and dark brown and black as pictured below.  They also come in silver or gray.

Unless all your bridesmaids have the same color hair, you might consider picking up a pack of each color to throw in your Wedding PFA Kit to help keep those updos in place discretely.

Building your Wedding PFA

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I am kicking off 2011 with 21 must includes for your Wedding PFA Kit!*** If you have a wedding planner, they should have a well stocked kit with them on the wedding day – mine is in a rolling case and has a packing list 3 pages long.  I could likely defend a small country from invaders with it and have only been stumped once in my 7 years of planning!  If you don’t have a planner, you should bring along a kit that can help to take care of any issues that might pop up.

Watch for a new item every weekday in January that will have you prepared for anything that might come up at your wedding!  Some will be obvious, some won’t be so obvious but all will be handy and things you should have on hand on your wedding day.

***What do you mean, “What the heck is a Wedding PFA Kit?” Some people might call it an emergency kit but I decided that Prepared For Anything is a much better name than emergency.  Call it semantics but I would rather be prepared for anything rather than waiting for an emergency. 🙂