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PFA: Sticky Roller

Friday, January 21st, 2011

This item for your Wedding PFA Kit** is pretty obvious but still important.


Sticky rollers are awesome for keeping tuxes and suits lint free and are quick to use.  I told you it was obvious!

They are also great for mishaps with linens – some flowers drop pollen and if you rub that pollen, it is going to stain whatever it touches but a light tap with a sticky roller can sometimes remove the pollen.  Not so obvious but still useful.

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

PFA: Meds

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Someone is going to have a headache, someone else will probably have a cold and nerves always unsettle someone’s stomach!  Having a small pharmacy in your Wedding PFA Kit** is often wise!


Considering buying individual packs of some basic meds and you’ll be covered:

Tylenol, Excedrin and Advil: headaches, body aches, sprained ankles. If you have any pregnant or nursing moms, make sure you include some Tylenol in the kid – they can’t take anything with aspirin in it!
Pepto and Tums: too much food and alcohol and nerves don’t mix well. Enough said.
Dayquil and Advil Cold: no sniffles during the ceremony!
Benedryl: allergic reactions of all kinds can be scary so having something on hand to help is a good idea!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

PFA: Ponytail Holders

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

You spent a good deal of time and money on your hair and makeup so why am I suggesting you include ponytail holders in your Wedding PFA Kit?**  Read on and you will see!

(Photo: Target)

I don’t mean the usual ponytail holders (although those are great to throw in as well for later in the evening).  I am talking about clear, latex ponytail holders.  Say you ordered your mother in law a pin on corsage but she decides on the wedding day that she wants a wrist corsage instead.  What do you do?  Simple – slip a ponytail holder on her wrist and use it to secure the corsage to her wrist.  Wedding PFA Kit to the rescue!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

PFA: Ice Pack

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Sprains, strains and puffy eyes – all things a little cold pack can cure!


Stilettos and pictures in the park can sometimes be disastrous for the slightly more clumsy of those among your bridal party and some guys will roughhouse regardless of the situation so having an ice pack on hand isn’t the worst idea ever. Instant ice packs are also great for de-puffing eyes and cheeks.

I am not a pretty crier.  I get blotchy, I get red, I generally look like a mess even after the smallest cry.  I realized a long time ago that a little cold water will take care of that but do you really want to splash water on your professionally made up face?  I didn’t think so!  Enter the ice pack.  A little time with an ice pack (ALWAYS wrapped in a towel) on the eyes can help instead!

Throw an instant cold compress into your Wedding PFA Kit** in case of tears or clumsiness!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

PFA: Chalk

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Plain white chalk is a must have for your Wedding PFA Kit**

A little chalk will cover a lot of smudges on a white dress in a pinch.  Just color the stain/smudge in with the stick of chalk and you can worry about making the stain disappear later.  This is great for footprints on your train right before the ceremony.

Chalk is also fantastic for occupying bored flower girls and ring bearers (and possibly bridesmaids and groomsmen too).  Yay for multiple uses!!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

PFA: Baby Powder

Friday, January 14th, 2011

This PFA has several uses both personal and practical!

(Photo: Johnson’s)

Wedding gowns are heavy, they are usually thick and can be quite warm – especially over the summer!  If you are worried about being too hot in your dress, put some baby powder on before you put on your corset and dress and it will help to keep you dry under all that fabric and a lot more comfortable.

Baby powder is also great at soaking up oil – have a little grease spot or oil spot on your clothing?  Sprinkle baby powder on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then lightly brush the powder off.  Repeat as much as needed to absorb the oil.  DO NOT RUB – just completely cover the spot and let it do its magic!

Finally, a bit of baby powder on can mask smudges, footprints and dust on your dress and train in a pinch!

Multiple uses in one little container makes baby powder a must include for your Wedding PFA Kit!

PFA: Deodorant Remover

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

As much as deodorant companies want to claim their products are clear and won’t stain, it seems like they always manage to smudge on clothing at the worst possible times!

(Photo: Gal Pal)

Picture your wedding day: groom in black and bride in a strapless gown – care to guess what happens?  Yep, deodorant all over him while you snuggle up for the lovey, “we just got married” pictures!!  Gal Pal to the rescue.  Just rub the sponge on the mess and it will remove any of the residue.

A little money saving hint – if you have any hangers from the dry cleaner that have the foam stuff on them to keep sweaters and slinky things from falling off, you can just cut that into pieces and stash that in your Wedding PFA Kit as well!  Works the same as the more expensive foam but is a lot more thin so you might need several pieces depending on how bad the stain is.

PFA: Body Tape

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Body tape is basically double sided sticky tape that helps keep clothing in place.  You can get it on rolls or in strips like these:

(Photo: Hollywood Tape)

Hollywood Tape is one brand name that I have had good luck with.  If a dress isn’t quite fitting, this tape can keep you from flashing the room.  I have also used it on slingback heels that were ever so slightly to small – great for taping that back sling up and keeping it in place so the shoes don’t become flip flops!

Also fantastic for those super last minute fixes.  One time a bridesmaid caught her heel on her hem and ripped it out while walking from the bride’s room to go down the aisle.  There was NO time to thread a needle so we used this tape as a temporary hem!  The hem held through the ceremony, we sewed it up afterward and no one knew!

Great little addition to your Wedding PFA Kit and something you can use after the wedding as well!

PFA: Wine Out

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Red wine + white bridal gown = the potential for disaster that used to keep me up at night!

(Photo: Gonzo Corp)

Enter Wine Out.  This stuff is pretty fantastic – takes stains out of most fabrics.  Of course if someone pours a glass of red wine on your dress, you will have to work pretty hard to get the stain out BUT if you get a stray little spot, this should work!  You can get the travel size at Bed, Bath and Beyond which is the perfect size to throw into your Wedding PFA Kit!

PFA: Sewing Kit

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Today’s PFA item is pretty obvious and one you likely have already thought of – the sewing kit.

(Photo: Trip Needs)

While it is pretty obvious that you should have some sort of kit, making sure it is stocked properly is really important as well.  A few things to make sure you include:

  • Thread – include some to match the guys, the bride, the bridesmaids and for bonus points, throw in some thread that matches the mom’s dresses too!
  • Buttons – small, clear buttons are great but you may want to include some black ones as well
  • Sewing scissors with a sharp point – it is easier to cut stray threads with small scissors
  • Straight needles – for sewing hems, fixing buttons, etc.
  • Curved needles – sometimes called upholstery needles. If you are sewing someone into their dress, the curve makes it easier to do without drawing blood!
  • Invisible thread – if you are sewing someone into their dress, this is what you want to use!
  • Needle threader – nerves can make it pretty tough to thread a needle even for the most calm bridal party member!
  • Thimble – not the worst idea in case the sewing is on a heavy material like a bridal gown.  Also might save some blood stains on whatever is being worked on!

You can easily find pre-made sets that are great starting points, you would just need to add a few things in to make it Wedding PFA Kit ready!