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Katy + Cam: 7.19.14

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

 {More awesome weddings from last year coming right up!}

Katy and Cam were married at First Congregational Church and then the guests walked across the street to celebrate at the Columbus Museum of Art.  We used fresh herbs to denote the guest’s meal choices and every place setting had a sprig of fresh rosemary – the room smelled like heaven!  A mix of rustic and vintage with mercury glass, lace and wooden boxes on the tables.  Make sure to take a peek at the bridesmaid’s bouquets – they were all astilbe which is one of my very favorite feathery flowers!!

Katy and Cam: 7.19.14

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony – First Congregational Church
Reception Venue – Columbus Museum of Art
Catering – Two Caterers
Photography – Ashley West Photography
Florals – Bloomtastic
Rental Items – Event Source
DJ – UltraSound Entertainment
Cake – Kittie’s Cakes
Hair and Makeup – Charles Penzone

The Pictures from Ashley West Photography:


Beautiful Columbus Museum of Art Wedding planned by Emilie Duncan Event Planning  Beautiful Columbus Museum of Art Wedding planned by Emilie Duncan Event Planning.



DSC_3288  AWP_5529




AWP_4999 AWP_5265



AWP_5934 AWP_5993



AWP_5962 AWP_5981







So pretty!  We’ll have Nicole and Ryan’s wedding later this week and maybe even another post or two!

Josh + Duane: 6.14.14

Friday, April 10th, 2015

{We’re taking a look back at some of our 2014 weddings before the 2015 wedding season hits full swing!}

I am so excited to share Josh and Duane’s wedding with you today!  They were legally wed in Maryland but came to Columbus where they lived for many years to hold their ceremony and throw one heck of a party!  We had a professional opera singer and full choir at church, two spectacular performances from Nina West, a Best Man who rapped his toast (and totally earned the mic drop!) and a head table decked out in sequins.  Of course, we also had an awesome couple who’ve been together for 17 YEARS who were surrounded by friends and family who love and support them!  I think you’ll see it was a pretty fantastic day!

Josh and Duane: 6.14.14

Vendor Team:
Wedding Planning – Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Ceremony – First Congregational Church
Reception Venue – Highline Car House
Catering – Two Caterers
Photography – CoreyAnn Photography
Videography – Westie Productions
Florals and Decor – Hilliard Floral
Entertainment – Nina West
DJ – Magical Attractions
Cake – Suisse Shop

The Pictures from CoreyAnn Photography:



002  006




900  901



356  051


031  025

020  016








This wedding was also featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of The Knot Ohio magazine – they loved it as much as we did!

2015-knot1  2015-knot2

I am obviously not doing well sticking to my 12 photos per post rule – oh well!  Taking the weekend off from blogging but watch for Katy and Cam’s Columbus Museum of Art wedding and Nicole and Ryan’s Farm wedding next week!  We’ll also have a preview of Wedgewood Country Club’s brand new Celebration Garden and completely remodeled ballroom – super excited to share it all!

Revisiting – My wedding venue is closed! Now what?

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Edited to update: Valleydale Ballroom is officially out of business.  I have heard from multiple venues who have dates available and are more than willing to help out couples affected by this sudden closing.  If you are affected, please feel free to reach out to me and I will put you in contact with those venues!!


Late this afternoon rumors started flying that The ValleyDale Ballroom has shut it’s doors – please note this has NOT been 100% confirmed (there are a gazillion rumors floating around about the closing and whether it is temporary) but the signs are there. IF this is the case, it will likely leave multiple events in limbo and a whole lot of upset couples. I thought it would be a good idea to revisit a post from back in 2008 when another local venue suddenly shut down: My Wedding Venue is Closed!  Now What?

If Valleydale Ballroom is indeed closed, I hope the those who are now searching for a new venue are able to find solutions quickly!

Bridal Blow Out Sale! 1.11.15

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

If you haven’t said yes to the dress yet, you’ll want to circle January 11 on your calendar!

Three of the best bridal boutiques in Columbus – La Jeune Mariee, Ivy Bridal Studio and White of Dublin – have joined forces for an amazing event!  The first annual Bridal Blow Out Sale will take place on Sunday, January 11 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Embassy Suites in Dublin (5100 Upper Metro Place, Dublin, OH 43017).

Things to know before you go:

*Cash or credit ONLY – Lindsay from Le Jeune Mariee told me they won’t be accepting checks. Ivy and White’s policies may differ but you might want to call them and check before you count on it!

*This is bridal gowns only – no maids or moms – and sizes are obviously going to be limited to sample sizes but that can vary from designer to designer.  Most samples will be bridal sizes 8-12 which translates to normal sizing of 6 to 10.

*All sales are final and all the dresses are ‘as is’ but in excellent condition.  Dublin Cleaners will be on hand to look at any imperfections so you can make an informed decision.  Also, several seamstresses will be on hand to provide professional and honest opinions on whether the dresses can be altered to fit well.

*No appointments – first in, first to buy so you might want to get in line early!

*Coming in from out of town or just really want to make sure you’re first in line?  Embassy Suites is offering rooms at $99 a night.  Give them a call to reserve.


If you find the dress of your dreams, we’d love to see it!  Feel free to tag up on Facebook (Emilie Duncan Event Planning) or in Instagram (@edepweddings).  Happy hunting!


One Question You Might Not Be Asking…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Photo by Picture The Love

Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Engagement Season!  Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day is typically called Engagement Season in the wedding world since the most popular day of the year to propose is Christmas Eve followed by Valentine’s Day.  So if you’ve recently asked the question or said yes (or hope to soon), congratulations!

One of the first things many people do after getting engaged is head out to look at venues – no surprise, this time of year brings time off work and trips home if the couple lives away from their wedding city – and a great place to start since the venue typically dictates the wedding date.

There are lots of things to look at when viewing potential venues – price, food, bar options, size, dates available, decor, etc, etc, etc.  There are multiple lists out there of questions to ask venues – my friend Kay has written a couple killer checklists of things to ask both when you first call and when you visit venues so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Those links are live and will take you right there – I would suggest at least looking them over before visiting venues as they are a fantastic jumping off point.

Often venues hand couples lists of recommended or required vendors.  If you receive one of those lists, I would suggest you always ask one simple question – Do the vendors on your recommended/preferred/exclusive list pay to be there?

Did you know that some venues demand vendors pay a fee to be on those ‘preferred’ lists?  Unfortunately, this practice is becoming more common in Ohio.  If the people on the list pay to be there, you’re being handed a list of paid advertisers and not necessarily a list of the best vendors in town – regardless of what they title it.  Those two groups may overlap but…not always.  Once you know whether the venue is recommending vendors just to line their pockets or because the recommendation is in the best interest of the couple, you can decide what to do with that list.  Having the whole picture makes the planning process much easier and leads to less disappointment down the road.

FYI – if you see Emilie Duncan Event Planning on a fellow vendor or venue’s list, it is because we earned it…not because we bought it.  We have never paid for a referral from a vendor and won’t in the future.

Good luck with your venue search and Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea + Andrew: 04.26.14 – Video!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

We LOVED everything about Andrea and Andrew’s intimate wedding at Highline Car House back in April!  We had just under 60 people so we had room to play with the table set up and created a really warm, embracing floor plan with big farm tables from Event Source set with amazing, jaw dropping flowers from Flowers on Orchard Lane.

The day was gorgeous from beginning to end but their ceremony was incredible.  Watch this and you’ll see what I mean – grab your tissues too, it is as moving on film as it was in person!

Thanks to Little Tree Studios for the gorgeous film:

Personalized M&Ms deal!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

We’re in the midst of a very busy and very pretty wedding season – no worries, lots of pictures coming soon – but I had to pop in and share this deal.

Lots of couples love to use personalized M&Ms for candy buffets or favors but if you’ve priced them, you know just how expensive they can be!  I found a deal on Amazon Local (kind of their version of Groupon) for $30 worth of personalized M&Ms for $15.  As a point of reference, a 5 lb bag of personalized M&Ms starts at $85 so it would take at least a little off for you.

Click here to see the deal

Looks like you can order one for yourself and one as a gift and the voucher must be used by August 15, 2014 but make sure to read the fine print for yourself before you buy.

They would be great for bridal shower favors as well!  Here are a couple of examples of personalized M&Ms that we’ve had at past weddings:

Christina and Marc did their initials and date along with a picture of their cat Buster.  These were all part of their dessert table:

Josh and Duane did their initials and date along with a picture of them in very cute favor jars for each guest:


She Said YES: Taylor and Greg

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Taylor loves Greg.

Taylor and Greg love Homage.

Greg worked with Homage to propose in an adorable way – take a peek!

I’m so excited to work with Taylor and Greg for their October wedding – super nontraditional and one of my largest weddings to date!  Its going to be a doozy!  If the love and support they received in the video is any indication, it is going to be a love fest all around!

Come to think of it, my team might just need some new t-shirts for set up!  Hmmm…oh, Homage!

10 Years!

Monday, February 24th, 2014


10 years!  According to the Secretary of State, I launched Emilie Duncan Event Planning on February 24, 2004.  What a crazy 10 years of changes, growth, set backs triumphs and most of all, JOY!  We’ve done lots of weddings, worked with incredible couples, and have more than a few wild stories – most of which I will not by sharing to protect the innocent, the not-so-innocent and the completely crazy!  I’ve also been lucky enough to met amazing people who I cannot imagine my life without – people I would not know if not for my little event planning firm.

Consider this post a giant love note to everyone who has supported me along the way!

To my clients: thank you so much to all the couples and families who have trusted me to help them plan their wedding or event – your trust and support means the world to me.  It’s been an honor!

One of my fabulous interns created this so the pictures are not in order by year, month, preference – nada!  She just put it together randomly!

{This is many of my clients from the last 10 years but not all. If you aren’t on here, I don’t have a picture so send me one!}EDEP Collage Resized

To my assistants: you work your tails off to make it all happen for our couples and I am so lucky to have and to have had you by my side, backing me up!  You are the bestest minions in the whole wide world!

To my ‘co-workers’ – all the other hardworking and dedicated wedding and event pros making dreams come true in this crazy industry: thank you for being incredible partners, supporters, and friends!  You know who you are and I’m so happy to be on the same team as you and thankful you have my back.

To my friends and family: thank you for still loving me even though you have to work around my crazy schedule and be willing to change your wedding date so I can attend (true story!), move vacations, have girl’s night out on a Tuesday and generally support the heck out of me!

Finally and most importantly – to my husband and my beautiful daughters: thank you for your patience, your support, your free labor, and your love.  Not one day goes by that I don’t count you three as my most incredible blessings and the loves of my life.  AML, AML!


I will end on a cliche/trite/overused statement but it sums up what I am feeling today: I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love and to have built the business and life I love.

We’ve got lots of fun coming up in the next few weeks including some recaps of all those weddings – first dance songs, all the cakes and bouquets from past weddings, and some other fun things including a new website!

Here’s to the next 10 years and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Is Alcohol Returnable in Ohio?

Friday, January 17th, 2014

I got a phone call the other day from a bride who is considering having her reception at a venue that allows couples to bring in their own alcohol.  The venue provides the bartenders but the couple supplies all the liquor, beer, and wine.  This bride was worried about running out of liquor during the reception and wanted to know if they should overbuy and then return any unused, unopened bottles to the store.  Apparently one of the bride’s friends did it for her wedding in another state and it worked out well but a different friend tried to return alcohol in Ohio and…let’s just say, their liquor cabinet is stocked for years to come!

So, can you or can’t you return liquor in the state Ohio?

Genevieve-Todd-Wedding-225Photo from Ely Brothers

To get the answer once and for all, I made a phone call and got the story straight from the people who know – The Ohio Division of Liquor Control.  Here’s the scoop:

  1. Here in Ohio, all hard liquor (anything over 42 Proof) is controlled by the state and all sales are final!  You CANNOT return unopened bottles of liquor.  This includes vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, gin…you get the idea.  If you bought it, you own it – plan wisely!  Your caterer or venue should be able to help you determine what and how much to buy.
  2. Lower proof spirits (for instance Bailey’s Irish Cream, Godiva, and Chambord – basically the alcohol the grocery store sells) are owned by the store that sells them so it is up to them to decide if they want to accept returns.
  3. Beer and wine are also owned by the store that sells them so it is up to them to decide if they want to accept returns.

To sum it up, hard liquor is NOT returnable in Ohio.  Beer, wine and other alcohol MAY BE returnable in Ohio.  Call the store and talk to the manager as to whether they will take unopened bottles back or just buy super awesome wine and beer that you won’t mind drinking copious amounts of for weeks/months to come!

So, what do you do if you live in Ohio and plan to buy hard liquor but are still afraid of buying too much?  There are some neighboring states (to the south for instance) that may allow returns so a day trip could be beneficial to your bottom line however you might want to check the laws on transporting alcohol across state lines as well as check with the store you pick to confirm they allow returns.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!