Cans for Comments

Randy and I were sitting down to make our Holiday card list this weekend and realized that with the length of our list and the cards that I wanted (you all know that I am a bit of a paper fiend and had picked a rather pricey one) and the price of postage, we were going to spend nearly $200! We got to talking and the thought of spending that much money on something that will probably be tossed out when there are children who won’t have much to eat simply broke my heart.

So, in lieu of cards this year, we are going to take that money and buy food for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and donate it in honor of our friends and family. We’ll still send out a card but it will be via email instead – that’s better for the environment anyway.

When I first heard about Cans for Comments (on Anne Ruthmann’s Blog and from Liene over at Blue Orchid Blog) I thought it was kind of a natural partner to our Holiday card donation as well so here’s the deal:

For every comment left on this blog through December 25, I will add another $1 to our donation to the Mid Ohio Food Bank. I will be making the donation after the holidays because all too often the donations drop off drastically after the holidays even though the need is still there!

Feel free to spread the word – the more comments the better, obviously! Be sure to visit other bloggers who are donating Cans for Comments.

Happy Holidays – oh, and if you want our email card, please be sure to include your email in your comment.

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