Calphalon Warehouse Sale – Columbus, Ohio

If you are in the market for ANY Calphalon products, you need to head over to the Calphalon Warehouse Sale going on at Northland Plaza Shopping Center – 2605 Northland Plaza Drive, Columbus, 43231.  The sale is going on Sunday, November 4 and then Thursday, November 8 through Sunday November 11 from 10 am to 7 pm.

I went over to take a look and it is absolutely worth the trip over – they have every baking pan you could think of (cupcake, cake, cookie sheet, bundt pan, you name it!), cast enamel Dutch ovens, open stock non-stick and stainless pots and pans, utensils, knives, appliances, and even a smattering of Rubbermaid items.  They also have multi-piece sets for $100 and $125 – both stainless steel and various types of non-stick – these usually run anywhere from $300 to $500!

If you are looking to finish off a set of cookware that you didn’t get off your registry or you have a wedding coming up and want to give a great gift, head over – it will be well worth your time!  Happy cooking!!

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