Bookshelf: Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

The Basics
The subtitle says it all: over 300 designs for every bride.

Each chapter is a grouping of bouquets by color:
White, Ivory and Cream
Peach and Orange
Lilac and Purple
Mixed and Unusual

There are also a few pages on the common names of flowers and the language of flowers (i.e. what each flower represents).

The Good
Each page features a single bouquet with footnotes that include the names of the flowers in each bouquet, the meaning of the flowers, scent, construction and the type of dress each bouquet would compliment. This book definitely goes beyond the classic hand tied bouquet of roses into some very unique flower combinations and styles.

The Not Quite As Good and The Bad
Two things that would have made nice additions to the footnotes: seasonality and durability. While the majority of flowers featured are both readily available year round and can stand up to a full day out of water, some simply cannot. I would hate for a bride to fall in love with a peony bouquet in the middle of November or want a hydrangea bouquet for an outdoor wedding in July. Also, I wish they had given green its own chapter rather than tucking them away among the ivories and yellows.

All in All
A very fun little book that I will be taking to meetings with brides when we talk flowers. Kind of a one stop shop for bouquet ideas!

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